What are Body Compositions Scans

Body Composition Scans measure the amount of bone, fat and muscle you hold. It’s a simple scan that takes less than 5 minuets.

Body scans reveal how healthy an individual is and is a beneficial point of information for individuals and trainers.

The body scan offers an in-depth analysis of your body compared to traditional scales. Traditional scales simply give you the mass of your body and far improving your health and fitness.

For many it seems quite scary to have all that information. It’s not meant to be an intimidating process; the body scan is designed to help you understand your body better and identify area you can work on to help you reach your goals.


Muscle weighs more than fat? You could be gaining muscle but traditional scales will tell you your overall body mass has increased which might seem disheartening to some.

Body Composition scans give you a better breakdown that allows you to accurately see what your body’s composition


  • Help you plan how to increase muscle mass and decrease fat: Body Scans allow you to see where you currently sit and how you can improve your overall body composition. Knowledge= power to change!
  • Monitor visceral fat: for those concerned with the fat surrounding their organs body scans can help you with this. You can see how much you carry and make changes accordingly.
  • Find out how to control your weight within a healthy range. The body scan will let you know how much weight you need to gain or lose (if any) to maintain a normal and safe weight.
  • You will also be able to uncover how many calories your body burns on basal metabolic level (how many calories your body burns in a normal day before exercise.) As well as how many calories you are recommended to consume.


When to get a body scan
It is recommended that body scans are completed every 4 weeks for those who are looking to make a serious change to their body composition. For others a body scan when starting a new gym or workout program should get a scan to see what they are starting with and then again at the end of the program or around 4-6 weeks after starting a new gym.

What info will you receive

  • Skeletal Muscle & Fat Mass Analysis: how much of each you carry and if it sits within a healthy range.
  • Obesity Analysis: See your BMI and body fat percentage and if they sit in a healthy range.
  • Segmental Analysis: a break down of each area of the body and the muscle: fat ratio.
  • Weight Control: recommendations on how to control your weight within a healthy range.


Want to book a body scan?
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Bookings can be made between 3.30pm – 6.30pm Mon-Thurs during the week or Saturday 9am – 11.30am

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