What is Myzone

Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity, with an EKG accuracy of 99.4% !

Unlike most fitness trackers found on the market, MyZone is wearable around the chest, as opposed to the wrist/arm, as studies by the American College of Cardiology have found these hold an inaccuracy range of +/- 15 BPM to +/- 34BPM, (8-18%)!

To better understand this: that’s like driving in a 40kmph zone, and doing anywhere between 20-60kmph, but not being certain what speed you’re doing!

The purpose of MyZone is to help reward people for their efforts when working out – you are able to track your calories burned, heart rate, and time spent exercising which is converted into MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) – the purpose of MEPs is to reward you based on your efforts, rather than your fitness levels!

MyZone At Form

We have introduced MyZone to our WERQ Classes!

WERQ is our High-Intensity Combination Class, mixing weights and cardio for a quick, effective fat burner!

We’ve combined the MyZone tech with our WERQ Classes so that you get LIVE feedback while you’re training! You can keep an eye on your calories burned, the percentage of your maximal heart rate that you’re working at, (keeping you accountable, there’s no slacking off!), and also adding an element of competition and comradery to the class!

The harder you work, (NOT THE FITTER YOU ARE!), earns you more points, shown as MEPS, meaning you can move up or down the leader-board depending on how much effort you put into each session!



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