Health And Fitness Classes To Reenergize Body And Mind

Body and mind exhaustion can be treated to a number of factors like a heavy day at the office, sleep deprivation, full stomach, stress, anxiety or mood swings. Bit of self-exercise or joining a small session of health and fitness classes is a great way to re-energize your body and mind.

PROACTIVE MEASURES: Intake of oral rehydration salts, natural juices or a bit of water can relieve you from mind-body exhaustion before you actually set out for a workout on a lethargic day. Take small amounts of these liquids to help boost your mind and body. Also having deep breaths can refresh your lungs and mind. It activates your system. It’s kind of rejuvenating. You don’t have to go for circuit anaerobic exercises. You can do it on your bed or on your couch.


Zumba Dance: Dancing exercises with your favourite music can vitalize you on a sluggish day. Do a full body lazy dance by stretching your body. If you feel sick of doing it all alone, call a friend. Social media has tons of such dance videos. It would be exciting and energizing to do it in a group.

Laughing Exercises: Laughter therapy is the most unacknowledged form of exercise. They excite both mind and body. But what are these types of exercises exactly.? Again, there are many ways of doing it. Pick your favourite comedy program and try to laugh as much as possible. As a group, in a health club, get in front of a mirror and try to laugh as funny as you can and ask your group mates to imitate the same. This may sound a bit unconventional, but trust me it works in reenergizing you.

Pilates:  This is another mode of exercise which actually bolsters your body and mind. Ask your coach or a personal fitness trainer for a few exercises that actually provides vigour. Form Training at Clarkson also provides all the equipment needed for Pilates.

Stretching exercises: A lethargic day calls for stretching exercises. You can perform these anywhere. They do not make you sweat. For example, exercises like hip circles where you can just put your hands on your waistline and perform slow-motion hip circles. Other forms include:

  • Leg Swings – both forward and lateral
  • Neck rotation
  • Shoulder stretches – anterior and posterior
  • Bird dog stretches etc.

Yoga It does wonders to your body and mind. Yoga exercises activate physical and mental body. They stimulate all body parts and revitalize their function. Ask your yoga instructor at your health club for the best yoga exercises, you can start from a simpler form of exercises. As yoga has an ocean of body-mind exercises, start with simple meditation and other types like:

  • Pranayama, awareness of breathing
  • Hatha yoga, a type of yoga that primarily focuses on the calmness of mind and body
  • Ashtanga yoga

You can ask your coach or your yoga instructor to elaborate on these types of yoga or you can also google it out yourself. You can also find a detailed information on social media sites like

For more information, have a visit to Form Training in Clarkson and get in touch with experienced professionals offering a wide range of fitness training classes.

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