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It’s very easy to get caught up in all the mis-information, fitness fads and latest diet crazes  you see splashed all over social media these days, and it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without being told there’s a new Superfood, magic bean or life-changing powder that you NEED in your life!

Needless to say this can all become a little overwhelming; everyone’s an expert so long as they have a good Instagram filter – and it’s very easy to become confused by it all, and lose motivation after being passed from pillar to post with each different idea and opinion!

FORM Training conducted a quick study to find out the questions YOU had, and how we could provide the answers. The majority ruled that people don’t know: What to eat, How much to eat, How often to eat, When to eat.. and are carbs really the devil?



We launched our FIT 6 Transformation Programme to help people become better informed about Training, Nutrition, Wellbeing and Balance!

Within the 6 Weeks participants receive:

  • Accountability: We take before photos, starting weight, measurements and body composition scans to help really understand where you’re at! Throughout the weeks we have face-to-face weigh ins and weekly catch ups, fortnightly measurements, a private social media group for daily ideas/deals on local products and instant responses to any questions.
  • Nutrition: We prepare a booklet full of calorie counted recipe ideas, meal plans, grocery lists, vegetarian options and more to help provide as much information as possible.
  • Training: We offer a variety of different weights, cardio and core strength/balance/stretch classes throughout the 6 weeks to help provide a holistic approach to becoming healthier and fitter!


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