What is Myzone

Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity, with an EKG accuracy of 99.4% !

Unlike most fitness trackers found on the market, MyZone is wearable around the chest, as opposed to the wrist/arm, as studies by the American College of Cardiology have found these hold an inaccuracy range of +/- 15 BPM to +/- 34BPM, (8-18%)!

To better understand this: that’s like driving in a 40kmph zone, and doing anywhere between 20-60kmph, but not being certain what speed you’re doing!

The purpose of MyZone is to help reward people for their efforts when working out – you are able to track your calories burned, heart rate, and time spent exercising which is converted into MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) – the purpose of MEPs is to reward you based on your efforts, rather than your fitness levels!

MyZone At Form

We have introduced MyZone to our WERQ Classes!

WERQ is our High-Intensity Combination Class, mixing weights and cardio for a quick, effective fat burner!

We’ve combined the MyZone tech with our WERQ Classes so that you get LIVE feedback while you’re training! You can keep an eye on your calories burned, the percentage of your maximal heart rate that you’re working at, (keeping you accountable, there’s no slacking off!), and also adding an element of competition and comradery to the class!

The harder you work, (NOT THE FITTER YOU ARE!), earns you more points, shown as MEPS, meaning you can move up or down the leader-board depending on how much effort you put into each session!




It’s very easy to get caught up in all the mis-information, fitness fads and latest diet crazes  you see splashed all over social media these days, and it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without being told there’s a new Superfood, magic bean or life-changing powder that you NEED in your life!

Needless to say this can all become a little overwhelming; everyone’s an expert so long as they have a good Instagram filter – and it’s very easy to become confused by it all, and lose motivation after being passed from pillar to post with each different idea and opinion!

FORM Training conducted a quick study to find out the questions YOU had, and how we could provide the answers. The majority ruled that people don’t know: What to eat, How much to eat, How often to eat, When to eat.. and are carbs really the devil?



We launched our FIT 6 Transformation Programme to help people become better informed about Training, Nutrition, Wellbeing and Balance!

Within the 6 Weeks participants receive:

  • Accountability: We take before photos, starting weight, measurements and body composition scans to help really understand where you’re at! Throughout the weeks we have face-to-face weigh ins and weekly catch ups, fortnightly measurements, a private social media group for daily ideas/deals on local products and instant responses to any questions.
  • Nutrition: We prepare a booklet full of calorie counted recipe ideas, meal plans, grocery lists, vegetarian options and more to help provide as much information as possible.
  • Training: We offer a variety of different weights, cardio and core strength/balance/stretch classes throughout the 6 weeks to help provide a holistic approach to becoming healthier and fitter!


1. Why is nutrition important?

Nutrition is essential for not only health and wellbeing but also growth and development. Eating a well balanced diet is an important contributor to weight management, improving health and preventing future illness.


Proper nutrition is important for our bodies to function optimally. It is important that nutrients in our body are available in sufficient amounts and in the right proportions. This is achieved through a well balanced diet.

2. Effective tips while dieting
  • Cut back on sugars and starches
  • Eat protein, fat and carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables
  • Lift weights and
  • Participate in HIIT training


3. Tips for better health


Sleep is of course crucial for the best results. It allows our body to unwind, hormones to function properly, and normal physiology.

Here’s how to maximise sleep:

  • Commit to a regular sleep time and night routine
  • Do some pre-bed journaling or meditation
  • Supplement with magnesium
  • Limit screen usage (phones / laptops / tv’s) 60 minutes before bed
  • Turn off all man-made light in your room


  • Water is necessary for fat removal from your body
  • Hunger and thirst are signalled in the same pathway in the brain, therefore when you think you’re hungry chances are you’re just dehydrated.
  • It is important to drink 2-3L of water EVERY DAY!
  • Set up a system to track your water intake. – Can get big 800-1L bottles so you know you only have to refill them 3-4 times a day
4. How we help you:

At Form Training we have just launched our FIT6 Transformation Challenge, (check out our blog for more info!) – We teach the importance of breakfast, structured workout snacks, prepped meals and guide you through calorie counting.

We teach portion control and lead you to a well-balanced diet filled with carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Body Composition Scans measure the amount of bone, fat and muscle you hold. It’s a simple scan that takes less than 5 minuets.

Body scans reveal how healthy an individual is and is a beneficial point of information for individuals and trainers.

The body scan offers an in-depth analysis of your body compared to traditional scales. Traditional scales simply give you the mass of your body and far improving your health and fitness.

For many it seems quite scary to have all that information. It’s not meant to be an intimidating process; the body scan is designed to help you understand your body better and identify area you can work on to help you reach your goals.


Muscle weighs more than fat? You could be gaining muscle but traditional scales will tell you your overall body mass has increased which might seem disheartening to some.

Body Composition scans give you a better breakdown that allows you to accurately see what your body’s composition


  • Help you plan how to increase muscle mass and decrease fat: Body Scans allow you to see where you currently sit and how you can improve your overall body composition. Knowledge= power to change!
  • Monitor visceral fat: for those concerned with the fat surrounding their organs body scans can help you with this. You can see how much you carry and make changes accordingly.
  • Find out how to control your weight within a healthy range. The body scan will let you know how much weight you need to gain or lose (if any) to maintain a normal and safe weight.
  • You will also be able to uncover how many calories your body burns on basal metabolic level (how many calories your body burns in a normal day before exercise.) As well as how many calories you are recommended to consume.


When to get a body scan
It is recommended that body scans are completed every 4 weeks for those who are looking to make a serious change to their body composition. For others a body scan when starting a new gym or workout program should get a scan to see what they are starting with and then again at the end of the program or around 4-6 weeks after starting a new gym.

What info will you receive

  • Skeletal Muscle & Fat Mass Analysis: how much of each you carry and if it sits within a healthy range.
  • Obesity Analysis: See your BMI and body fat percentage and if they sit in a healthy range.
  • Segmental Analysis: a break down of each area of the body and the muscle: fat ratio.
  • Weight Control: recommendations on how to control your weight within a healthy range.


Want to book a body scan?
Make your Booking today by emailing info@formtraining.com.au
Bookings can be made between 3.30pm – 6.30pm Mon-Thurs during the week or Saturday 9am – 11.30am

Looking for a fun and new way to work out? Look no further!

Who doesn’t love hitting the clubs and getting moving to some music?

Well what if we told you there was a way to combine your love of hitting the club with hitting the gym?

I know you don’t believe me but this is the newest way to get fit and have fun doing it.

Form Training in Clarkson is a strikingly cool new work out space with 3 kitted out studios designed to help you reach your fitness goals. With the 6 Rock Star Instructors, high tech lighting and loud music you will not want to step into any other night club!

WERQ Studio is the ultimate nightclub class. High intensity interval training designed to get results quick. This will get you sweatier than a night dancing in the club (minus the alcohol stained floors and split drinks you’d find in a club)

With a focus on smaller classes you get an intimate and personal experience where your trainers get to know who you are and help you achieve your best in each class. Fitted with their mic’s instructors get energetic and push you to your limits.

The perfect combination of cardio intervals and traditional strength training. You will run, pull, push and jump a on the “new FORM treadmills” in between sets of dumbbell, barbells and kettlebell intervals during our ultra-efficient HIIT workout that last just 45 minutes.

WERQ will get your body FIT, FAST.

Combining the best of both worlds, Form Trainings energetic community-based classes are the new frontier in fitness. The classes perfectly curated playlists ensure your motivation is at an all-time, paired with the colourful club lights this is a workout you won’t want to miss.

ROTATION is a new spin on your typical cycle class. Music pumps as night club lights glow, while you move to the pounding beat. This class is a high intensity and low impact, sculpting your body and getting hearts racing.

FLOW STUDIO gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enter the space and be strengthened, stretched and soothed. Build your lean muscle and flexibility in this refreshing space that truly disconnects you from the outside world.

The onsite café offers a great range of smoothies, food and coffees for your post class enjoyment.

Keen to try it all out?

Form offers a 4 week all access pass for $49, meaning you can try out all of our energy fueled classes as much as you’d like.

Body and mind exhaustion can be treated to a number of factors like a heavy day at the office, sleep deprivation, full stomach, stress, anxiety or mood swings. Bit of self-exercise or joining a small session of health and fitness classes is a great way to re-energize your body and mind.

PROACTIVE MEASURES: Intake of oral rehydration salts, natural juices or a bit of water can relieve you from mind-body exhaustion before you actually set out for a workout on a lethargic day. Take small amounts of these liquids to help boost your mind and body. Also having deep breaths can refresh your lungs and mind. It activates your system.  It’s kind of rejuvenating. You don’t have to go for circuit anaerobic exercises. You can do it on your bed or on your couch. 


Zumba Dance: Dancing exercises with your favourite music can vitalze you on a sluggish day. Do a full body lazy dance by stretching your body. If you feel sick of doing it all alone, call a friend. Social media has tons of such dance videos. It would be exciting and energizing to do it in a group.

Laughing Exercies: Laughter therapy is the most unacknowledged form of exercise. They excite both mind and body. But what are these type of exercises exactly. Again there are many ways of doing it. Pick your favourite comedy program and try to laugh as much as possible. As a group, in a health club, get infront of a mirror and try to laugh as funny as you can and ask your group mates to imitate the same.  This may sound a bit unconventional, but trust me it works in renegizing you.

Pilates:  This is another mode of exeercise which actually bolsters your body and mind. Ask your coach or a personal fitness trainer for a few exercises that actually provides vigour.  Form Training at Clarkson also provides all the equipment needed for Pilates.

Stretching exercises: A lethargic day calls for stretching exercises.  You can perform these anywhere.  They do not make you sweat.  For example, exercises like hip circles where you can just put your hands on your waistline and perform slow-motion hip circles.  Other forms include:

  • Leg Swings – both forward and lateral
  • Neck rotation
  • Shoulder streteches – anterior and posterior
  • Bird dog stretches etc.

Yoga It does wonders to your body and mind. Yoga exercises activate physical and mental body. They stimulate all body parts and revitalize their function. Ask your yoga instructor at your health club for the best yoga exercises, you can start from a simpler form of exercises. As yoga has an ocean of body-mind exercises, start with simple meditation and other types like:

  • Pranayama, awareness of breathing
  • Hatha yoga, a type of yoga that primarily focuses on the calmness of mind and body
  • Ashtanga yoga

You can ask your coach or your yoga instructor to elaborate on these types of yoga or you can also google it out yourself.  You can also find a detailed information on social media sites like Youtube.com.

For more information, have a visit to Form Training in Clarkson and get in touch with experienced professionals offering a wide range of fitness training classes.

With the amount of fitness media in circulation, people think they can workout on their fitness all by themselves. But the question is does it work?  A personal trainer is someone who has narrowed-in on the subject of fitness. He is well aware of what suits an individual. He can assess on the situation and can provide you a valuable feedback.

When it comes to workouts, objectives differ from person to person. While some are concentrating on tummy tuck others want to convert their entire body aesthetics to a perfect form.  This is where a personal fitness trainer can come into your rescue.

Personal fitness trainers at Form Training have a passion towards fitness.  Their way of professional communication and interaction breaks the barrier for achievement of best fitness results.
PERSONAL TRAINER ACTS AS A REMINDER:  You as an individual can set a goal; but the objectives may expire in your mind after a few days.  With a personal trainer, you have a reminder on your fitness level. They help you in completing your half-achieved goals. Let’s take an example of a person who is interested in abdominal packs without a personal trainer. He sets his time plan for a period of time before he actually skips the same and losing interest, reasons being varied.  With a personal trainer in place, you do not fall into the helpless category of half-done job.
YOUR TRAINER KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED:  Personal fitness trainers at a gym are the best kinesiologists. Their fitness epistemology stems from the amount of fitness literature they share and the amount of expertise they bring in. They give you a platform and variety of choices for your fitness regimen. If you are uncomfortable with some form of exercises, these trainers can switch you to another form. They let you know the amount of exercise you need to do on a day-to-day basis. They have a lot to offer based on the structure of body and what part of the body needs more concentration to reach its tonality.
THEY HELP YOU IN YOUR DIET: Health club personal fitness trainers can provide valuable information on your food and your eating habits.  They are the ones who capable of making awareness and changes in your diet. They can advise you on:

  • Food cravings
  • How a controlled diet can make changes
  • Importance of exercising in reducing cardiovascular risk factors
  • About regular intake of water
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Importance of exercising for a sedentary lifestyle
  • Advising on workouts during a busy schedule

Fitness center’s certified professionals train you without even having to quit your favorites. A certified trainer can help you with the cheat diet. For example, if you want to have your favorite food, just think about postponement of your craving by keeping it up on any of your favorite day of the week or during an outing or at a camping.

Form Training experts at Clarkson have all the skills, abilities and responsibilities needed for professional personal training program which include:

  • Exercise demonstration
  • Assisting in performing
  • Supporting in exercises
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Reducing the risks of injury
  • Aiding in mental health activities

PLAN YOU FITNESS REGIMEN:  Tasks related to fitness should always be a part of your lives and here in Form Training at Clarkson we emphasize on the same.  Regular exercises lighten ups your body.  When you are in a physical activity, blood warms up and circulates to all corners of your system. They standardize metabolic activity and help in bringing down the rate of chronic diseases and cancers. They even cure depression and improve your thought process. They bring in good sleep patterns which results in quality lifestyle.

REVIEW YOUR REQUIREMENTS:  You are the best person to review your fitness levels. Make a strategy of what needs to be worked out. Assess at your fitness standards on how to increase your overall immunity and strength.

If you are a busy person, take out time. Make sure that a minimum of 30 minutes is spent on physical activities at any cost.  Keep a positive attitude in your mind and then start. Overall some of your requirements may sound like these:

  • Time factor
  • Types of exercises
  • Concentrating on diet

GO TO YOUR FITNESS CLUB:  Buying equipment may cost money and resources.  It is advisable to approach a fitness center or a health club for professional fitness training.  The club atmosphere itself makes you feel excited. Put all your queries to your personal fitness trainer. Make sure your coach trains you on all the aspects initially so that later on it becomes easy.

BEGIN SLOWLY: Progressively workout on your personal fitness regimen.  Check your flexibility levels with warm ups. Initially avoid high intensity exercises unless you are going for body-building championship. Record all your physical activity readings. Your initial level of activities should include:

  • Basic cardio-exercises
  • Low intensity workouts
  • Calisthenics
  • Yoga

If you are more inclined towards other forms of exercises like Zumba then go for it, but again it is important to make sure that a minimum of 30-minute activity is spent on a daily basis.

SCREEN YOURSELF AT REGULAR INTERVALS: After gradually increasing your physical activity levels, screen yourself at regular intervals.  Keep a fitness journal and note down how much you have improved and what more needs to be done.  Take the help of fitness trainer at each session.

STICK TO THE ROUTINE:  Last and the most important, never skip your regimen. Create a group, a small community or a friend and try to interact on exercise regimen. Try to motivate each other. Be tough to never give up.  Remember a healthy lifestyle comes from following a disciplined routine of physical activities.

Form Training at Clarkson have has more to offer, feel free to consult our personal fitness trainers to share your fitness goals and achieve best results with professional fitness training.